Gain Control

Utilizing Yieldr's software, gain control through insight and data activation tools in order to decide what flight to promote, to whom and with what message. Effortlessly gather revenue management, customer, demographic and intent information in order to understand market challenges and fully tailor demand towards it.


Gather all relevant data within one centralized platform.

Ingest Revenue & Customer Data

Gain access to every relevant data point including revenue management, behavioral and CRM data to ensure you have all the necessary information to make intelligent decisions.

Incorporate Third-Party Data

Inject third-party data into your intel to give yourself additional insights and expand the reach and understanding of your marketing campaigns.

Gather Information Across Platforms & Device

No matter where valuable information resides, find it and blend it into the rest of your data stack to obtain a holistic overview of your insights.


Gain insights into both the performance of your fleet and audience.

Understand Your Audience

Learn the routes that your customers like to fly and at what class and preferences so that you can present them with personalized offers and boost customer lifetime value.

Visualize Demand Shortages & Opportunities

Easily see the load factor and revenue generated by your fleet so that you can spot underperforming flights and take advantage of additional revenue generating opportunities.

Forecast Flight Performance

See well in advance whether or not your individual flights are on track to hit revenue targets, giving you ample time to make on the fly adjustments.


Connect with travelers ready to fly.

Reach Travelers on the Biggest Platforms

Connect with engaged travelers via mobile and desktop on social platforms and the world's biggest publisher platforms.

Perform Dynamic Price Adjustment

Make informed ticket pricing adjustments and communicate relevant offers in order to achieve your per flight revenue goals.

Increase Demand For Empty Seats

Eliminate waste by allocating your marketing budget to where it is needed by only promoting empty seats.

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