Join the Family

If you enjoy taking on responsibility, are fixated on growth and have a desire to become a part of something great, then Yieldr is the family for you.

Working at Yieldr

We're a close-knit group that knows each other by name and often connects beyond the walls of the office. We believe the personal relationships we forge helps us perform better, work more efficiently and have more fun while doing so. That's why we like to share what goes on behind the scenes:

Our Values

Be Humble

We believe in empathy over egos. Humility will always get us further than pride. Through both successes and failure, we remain modest and put others before ourselves.

Challenge the Status Quo

Don't do things just because they've always been done a certain way. The key to our success is the ability to adapt and continually optimize everything we do.

Answer the Bell

There's never a challenge we don't like. No matter the challenge, collectively or individually we never hesitate to rise to the occasion to conquer it. We never back down without putting up a fight.

The User Leads

At the heart of everything we do is the end user. Everything we do is done with the user in mind. By having a truly customer-centric approach, we're able to build products that are loved.

Legs Feed the Wolf

A wolf does not eat simply by being a wolf just as talent alone will not propel us to greatness. We must put in the leg work and habitually improve ourselves through dedication and learning in order to succeed.

Jump Off Cliffs

When we see an opportunity, we don’t hesitate! We believe in learning by doing and "building our wings on the way down." Our greatest growth potential lies outside our comfort zone.

Iron Sharpens Iron

We test our thoughts and ideas against one another to be the best we can be. We understand that through feedback and collaboration, we become stronger.

Complete Life

We value a balanced lives inside and outside the office. We believe in being complete people, managing our well being in all facets: emotional, spiritual, physical, professional and personal.


We believe in Lead by Serving. Our number one priority is to give our team all of the tools and resources they need to flourish and grow. When you join Yieldr, you'll have all of the resources and support needed to nurture and develop your skills and talent. We thrive on a culture of growth and education.

Work-Life Balance

We offer 25 private holidays and give you the freedom to plan your work around your life instead of vice versa.

Competitive Salary

We believe that skill and hard work deserve generous compensation.

Diverse, International Workforce

We have over 15 different nationalities working within our small company across our Amsterdam and Barcelona offices.

Personal Development

Every Yieldr has the opportunity to map out where and how they'd like to grow and we give them the resources to do so.

Gear and Apparel

Everyone at Yieldr gets a new Macbook, apparel to represent Yieldr as well as a productivity gift to keep us at our best.

Team Building

We have bi-annual company-wide get-togethers and weekly office drinks, plus a variety of other activities.

Interested in How We Work?

Check out our team handbook

Current Openings

A note for recruiters: We don't respond to cold calls or unsolicited emails.