Smart Demand Management

Yieldr Air aviation software uses machine learning to tell airlines what flight to promote, to whom and with what message. It effortlessly gathers revenue management, customer, demographic and intent information for you to understand market challenges and fully tailor demand towards it.


No matter the source, gather all of your information in one place and get organized.

Ingest Revenue Data

Keep your finger on the pulse of your fleet by syncing your revenue management, reservation system and passenger service system data into one platform. Integrate your software directly or via our open access API.

Track Customer Behavior

See what users are doing on your website and app by tracking interactions such as ticket searches and content consumption.

Gather Information from all Sources

Integrate all your valuable data from different sources into one platform to obtain a holistic overview of your insights.

Integrate Third-Party Data

Supplement your insights by blending in additional third-party data. Expand the reach, relevance and understanding of your airline marketing campaigns.


No more manual labor via Excel sheets and pivot tables! Gain automatic insights into your audience and flight performance with our airline software.

Understand Your Audience

Learn the routes your customers like to fly, how far in advance they book and where they search from.

Visualize Demand Spoilage & Spillage

Whether it’s load factor, RASK/M or yield, easily see the KPIs that match to your airline. Leverage machine learning and automation to spot underperforming flights and take advantage of additional revenue opportunities.

Forecast Flight Performance

See well in advance whether or not your individual flights are on track to hit revenue targets, giving you ample time to make adjustments on the fly.

Track Your Objectives in Real Time

Whether it’s per flight revenue or load factor, always stay on top of your goals by tracking your objectives in real time.


Connect with travelers ready to fly by targeting specific users across various channels by streaming data in real time.

Reach Travelers on the Biggest Platforms

Connect with engaged travelers via mobile and desktop on social platforms, email, push notifications and the world's biggest publishing platforms such as Google and Facebook.

Perform Dynamic Adjustments

Make informed adjustments and communicate relevant offers at just the right time so you can achieve your per flight revenue goals.

Increase Demand For Empty Seats

Remove spoilage and decrease spillage by allocating your airline marketing budget to where it’s needed by only promoting empty seats to interested travelers.

Offer Personalized Recommendations

Leverage user and historical data to offer upselling and reselling opportunities to your frequent flyers and other customers.


Unify your entire organization and share information from marketing and revenue management to eCommerce and the C-suite.

Demolish Silos

Bring aviation marketing, airline revenue management and everyone else together by working in one central platform.

Increase Organizational Efficiency

Achieve more of your goals in less time by eliminating organizational inefficiencies by seamlessly sharing information.

Measure Results Against Shared KPIs

Get everyone aligned and working towards the big picture. Make sure everyone’s efforts benefit the bottom line.

Share Knowledge Across Your Entire Organization

Let data flow between all teams to gather intel and gain multiple perspectives.

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