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Technology in Aviation

Yieldr Air is aviation software built especially for yield management. Achieve unheralded success by filling the right plane, optimize your airline marketing and share demand management insights efficiently across your organization.


Gather all relevant data within one centralized platform.


Gain insights into both your fleet and audience.


Connect with travelers ready to fly.


Unify your entire organization and share valuable information.


Gather All Your Data in One Place

Bring data from relevant sources and devices into one centralized platform.


Understand Your Performance

Gain insights into your audience and the performance of your flights. Learn which routes travelers prefer to fly, visualize demand shortages and forecast your performance.


Connect with Travelers Ready to Fly

Reach users on the biggest platforms such as Facebook and Google. Make informed adjustments and automate demand management for empty seats.


Get Everyone Involved

Bring aviation marketing and airline revenue management insights together to optimize teamwork and get everyone contributing towards a common goal.

“This is the Holy Grail for Airlines”

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Holger Blankenstein

Executive VP at Volaris

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