Our Purpose

It's part of human nature to think existentially. It's natural to wonder why we're here; what our purpose is. For Yieldr, it's no different. We think daily about what our focus should be, what the purpose of our work is and how we want to be perceived now and in the future.

Whether it’s helping companies reach the right consumers or guiding an airline to fill empty seats and increase revenue, it’s in our DNA to liberate businesses from traditional, inefficient processes.

    We believe five things to be true:

  • Relevant communication to end customers needs to be better
  • Brands should be liberated from inefficient/ineffective controlling forces (the walls between them and the direct consumer)
  • Efficiency contributes to scalable and sustainable growth
  • Oversupply exists in almost every major sector
  • Software and automation transforms traditional structures into efficient processes, freeing up the user’s time to focus on what's important

Our name has always been our purpose. We help businesses derive maximum yield from their existing resources to boost efficiencies, cut out waste and ultimately drive revenue. We will never build a product that strays from this purpose. We treat each product as a venture and we’ll never venture away from these principles.

One of our values here at Yieldr is that our user leads. And our users are led by the value they bring to their end consumers. In a world filled with competition and a fixation on profit, sometimes the user gets left behind. Not on our watch.

Eliminating inefficiencies while providing added value to consumers is who we are. We are Yieldr.


We Are Committed To Privacy, Diversity, Long-Termism and Our World

Our principles are the cornerstones upon which we build our company.

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