Yieldr | Yieldr

Programmatic-Marketing Platform

Manage all your media buying all from one place and collect, segment and activate your data by harnessing a concurrently built DSP and DMP technology.

Media Buying Optimization

Tap into premium inventory from online, mobile and Facebook supply. Achieve performance in retargeting, prospecting and branding.

Audience and Data Segmentation

Harness algorithmically integrated first and third-party datasets to create hyper segmented bespoke audiences.

Facebook API

Tap into mobile, native advertising opportunities and the expansive reach of Facebook, while boosting the platform's targeting parameters with powerful hyper segmentation functionalities.

Creative Optimization

Leverage custom-designed dynamic HTML5 creative templates tailored towards the advertiser's unique brand guidelines.

Reporting tools

Gain customized actionable real-time insights and decision support for your campaigns with Yieldr's transparent dashboard, including bid insights, inventory and cost reporting.

Empowering Programmatic Buyers

Yieldr’s adaptive programmatic platform (APP) empowers social, mobile and online display media buyers.
Its agile algorithmic decisioning and predictive optimization engine captures and activates users through prospecting and remarketing campaigns. Yieldr offers its Paas solution and consultancy to agency media traders and in-house performance marketers. 

Corporate Vision

The Yieldr platform is built on three pillars

Data Activation

Predicting traffic patterns, activating transactional and customer data. The Yieldr platform integrates and connects advertiser data silos to connect and optimize on internal revenue, margin and ROI KPIs.


Gain access to the most transparent dashboard in the industry, giving you quicker and better optimization and stronger decision control. See the effects of your optimization decisions on the Yieldr bidder and algorithm in real time.


Take control of your media buying with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Adaptive Programmatic Platform (APP)

The predictive optimization engine of Yieldr's Adaptive Programmatic Platform delivers performance throughout the user funnel, incorporating all relevant data points in acquisition and CRM data to optimize on customer lifetime value. 

Yieldr Academy

We understand that programmatic marketing is complex. That's why we've developed the Yieldr Academy to educate, train and support programmatic media buyers on the various nuances of the technology. We provide a mixture of content and hands-on training to foster the growth of programmatic-advertising talent. 

Case Studies

We have unrivalled experience working with the World's biggest advertisers and most successful agencies. View our case studies to learn how we're fueling programmatic buying.